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Email hosting DIY style

Email hosting is a complicated beast. I was attempting to use this this. I went through to step 3, and then gave up. Messing with Postfix and Dovecot had addled my brain after a few frustrating hours. After a few minutes of watching Harry Potter with my partner, I had a brainstorm. Why not use cheap cPanel hosting, for “unlimited” bandwidth, “unlimited” storage and “unlimited” addon domains. So I went around looking around for some decent, cheap hosts (preferable around £5 a month). So I spent another few hours meandering around web hosting talk forums and finally settled on 5quidhost, as it seemed to have good reviews. So far I am very impressed. Good speeds, good uptimes and awesome customer support (basically, everything wrong with other cheap hosts). So instead of wasting my time messing around with Postfix and Dovecot and probably messing it up, this is a solution that works for me. I have lots of domains, but not many email addresses (and I need at least 2 email addresses per domain. This is just a solution that will work on a minimal scale. If you need anything larger, I’d suggest either Correctly setting up Postfix and Dovecot Pay a reputable company (like Rackspace, Google Apps, Zoho etc) Cry because you don’t quite understand technology that is older than yourself and is from the 1970s So I’ll keep an eye on my server, its uptime and its delivery rate of emails. Oh, it is also worth mentioning to check your server IP address to make sure it isn’t blacklisted Backlist Check

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