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pfSense remote backup

I've recently moved my pfSense box from a VM to a physical machine so I needed to find another to way to back it up. I found this and made a script from it which is run as a cron every day.

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Asterisk/FreePBX behind pfSense

I’ve been bashing my head against a brick wall for about 6 hours trying to get asterisk to work behind pfSense - turns out it was the suggested siproxd that was causing the problem. I’m not sure if I missed something during my frustration, but you don’t need it. I was following this from the pfSense docs (well, the Google cached version as the pfSense docs have been down a lot the past couple of days). The only firewall rules you need are:

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pfSense and wildcard DNS

After an absolute ball-ache of trying to get pfSense to work with wildcard DNS over a period of a few weeks (I admit - I rage quit and did other things quite a few times), I have finally cracked the da vinci code. Well, ok, it isn’t difficult to do if I am honest. Basically, it involves you using the DNS forwarder (not the DNS resolver as I have been messing with). Just simply add one line of code into the advanced options area:

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