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Moving from Beanstalk to Iron.io

I love Beanstalk. Anything open source I love, really. It works great most of the time. You do have to install supervisor to keep it running (if everything fails). But then again, that doesn’t do a very good job at doing that, either. If I had the time to constantly monitor beanstalk by using something like Beanstalk Console that’s great, but I don’t have the time or the patiences to do that. Especially when the queues are getting more and more requests, more can go wrong. Most likely, I have configured something wrong somewhere down the line. I could probably add a try catch in PHP somewhere and send me an alert message when a job has failed. But I really can’t be bothered for all that effort.

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Wordpress has gone.

The old Wordpress blog has gone! Replaced with a shiny new Laravel blogging platform. Introducing Wardrobe CMS. Only been using it a couple of hours, and it seems to suit my needs entirely. Bit more "backend" work to do, then I can start work on the look and feel of it. No more me bitching about Wordpress!

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Enough is enough. Bye Wordpress!

Enough is enough. Been using Wordpress for sometime now, about 1 month. I don't post often - but its response times are appalling (with all the "speed" plugins activated, which IMO, should be damn default) and it is unstable. Stuff that, going to find another platform, or make my own. More than likely, use a Laravel blogging platform. If none suit my needs, I guess I'll end up making my own with AngularJS and Laravel. Something like that. So maybe the "Moving from Apache to NGINX" post will be delayed.

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