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Working on a Laravel API with Stripe turorial

I'm currently working on (have been for the past 3 days) Laravel as an API endpoint. It'll take some time, between 3-7 days to finish off what I'm working on. I'll publish all the code and put most of it on Github/Bitbucket so you chaps at home can yell at me for a massive security loophole. I'm using Laravel 4.2, Sentry and Syntara for managing users. It'll be a full tutorial from start to finish. I'm writing it as I am doing it and every now and again, I'll publish the posts that make up the tutorial. No idea how many posts it'll be, but hey, it might be helpful to some people (maybe), it'll be helpful to me for reference and hopefully have some awesome people looking at my code telling me what I've done wrong.

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