Scolding a so called Indian web design company

My first revision of this, didn't go so well as I used images. Instead now, I will be just typing it here. Here goes...

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Would you be interested in a possible Design/Development your website with addition feature that might benefit the overall usability and user experience which usually leads to better sales?

We provide back end Web Development support to a number of agencies and have expertise in-

  1. Developing highly effective corporate websites, flash designs, E- Commerce/Online Web Stores to name a few.
  2. Php, MySql, Joomla, Wordpress, HTML.
  3. Design- Flash, Photoshop, Corel We will appreciate your positive response.

Please do let me know if you have any questions,You can contact skype id is "mediaformarketing".

Kind Regards, Samon Wood

James Elliott [email protected]

Dear Mr Salmon,

Mr. Salmon

While this may not be my professional email address, the clue that I do not require your services may be in this email address. Also seeing as your less-than-perfect English does impress me so, I do doubt your ability to create a perfectly legible website may be beyond your reach. Your websites English is again, not ideal for selling to English speaking companies. I'm not sure where you or your company have been for the past 4-6 years, but using Adobe Flash has burnt in the fires of hell in favour of HTML5. As your website title is "SEO , SEO Services India , Cheap Online Marketing , Search Engine Optimization India , Internet Marketing", no search engine has ever been able to search Flash, so again, it throws your ability to SEO my website into doubt. Speaking of SEO, your entire website has been built with tables, not with CSS, which search engines don't crawl as tables are made for data. Again SEO looking a bit iffy. Also considering that your website has not been updated since 2008 (the footer was the give away), throws your abilities into doubt. On your website you say "Guaranteed top 10 position using our most potent SEO plans" which is quite a bold claim, when even the biggest, most reputable, long-lasting SEO companies never claim to do so. SEO is just basically a guessing game, especially with the new Google updates which can tell natural content from SEO content. So, SEO is almost pretty useless.

Would you add meta tags to my website to make it more searchable, which search engines pretty much ignore? Would you use Dreamweaver, with its convoluted JavaScript, strange CSS rules and weird HTML placement. I'm at least glad to see that you use Google Analytics, which so far is pretty much the only good thing I can see on your website. Did you use the code view in Dreamweaver to add that yourself? Give yourself a pat on the back, for at least copy and pasting some code into the bottom of your website. Your claim to have 2000 customers, yet only list 29 companies on your website, which of course I can't click to view their website to verify that you have actually created them. You charge $222 for a static website, which with Dreamweaver could knock up in a couple of minutes. I'm not sure what a local American company would charge to do a website, but I'd image it'd be around $300-$500. For that, they will get so much more than what you're offering. Have a look at some reputable web design agencies and see how they do things. I'd suggest you touch up on modern day web development, such as HTML5,responsive web design and pretty much everything else that has come out since 2008.

While I appreciate you are trying to earn some money to support yourself and possibly a family, if you are serious at doing web development and such, I'd spend a few months learning modern web development. I thought I'd spare you some time, and I Googled a decent web development company that is based in India. This one was 3rd down the list which employs all of the recent methodology, such as the new "requirement" of responsive design.

So, to end this email (of which I have spent far too much of my time anyway), I will not be requiring your services.

Kind regards, James Elliott