Open Sans (Google Fonts) local cache for development

I'm currently working away from home and the internet, as you may have seen in my previous post, is appalling (trying to get it sorted, but getting any company to do anything on a weekend is hard work to say the least). I've gone through the effort of downloading the OpenSans fonts that I needed for development.

The Google fonts URL is:,700italic,300,400,700

To save you the effort of doing so, I've uploaded it to my CDN so you can use it in local development like I have: Download OpenSans package (39 font files)

I've used it in my Laravel project like:


'localFonts' => true


@if(Config::get('site.localFonts') === true)
    <link href="/fonts/opensans.css" rel="stylesheet">

Much quicker loading times now...