Make sure you do backups

  • 25 Dec, 2014

I know this sounds obvious, but please do redundant backups. I had found that 4 hours ago (on Xmas, it is 1:30 in the morning), that I accidently deleted one of the very important databases. I panicked for about say, an hour? Then I suddenly remembered I had a backup on my old server. I've recently moved host to a much better (so far) host, and I haven't had time to install backups. My message is, you may think you're saving time but you're really not. I spend 3.5 hours shouting profanities. Seriously, backup everything you do. Even use GIT for it. I use BitBucket for all my stuff. I have years of nonsense clogged up in their network. But sometimes it turns out that I did need that image file from 2 years ago. My message is, if there is one (or if I have too much eggnog)

Don't delete anything ever, unless it is some exposing photo of yourself