Getting back on track

From 08/02/15, I will be getting my stuff together. Will be working again on my projects, after a month or so break. The web application Draser will be finished this week, then I can work on learning Laravel 5 and how difficult it will be migrating from Laravel 4.2. I'll be writing about it regardless of if people are interested, if nothing other than to make my own personal notes. With Draser, I'll be building a full eCommerce solutions, which is around 70% done. I'll be using Stripe, Google Wallet and Paypal for processing. I'll be using Parcel Monkey API for automatic shipping rates, which will be interesting. It looks simple enough, but nothing is never as simple as it seems. I will also be focussing in TDD (Test Driven Development) for both Laravel and AngularJS. I have had limited success with AngularJS testing, so now that I have some spare time I will be working on E2E (End to End) testing and Karma for unit testing. Like I said, I've had very limited success with AngularJS testing, so I will attempt my best to master it and create a post(s) about them. I imagine I'll be writing about ESXi and other random server based things. I'll also (eventually) finally get round to finishing this blog and the other pages. So, a lot of things to do.

Another project that I have in the background, is changing KanBoard from its current CSS framework to possibly Bootstrap 3 or another CSS framework. It currently fails on mobile devices, albeit it is very good for Kanban. Free and opensource. Just how I like my projects.

So yes, a lot of plans and not enough time. I might also be getting a larger motorbike during the next month, if money can afford it; currently not looking good. I'll also be ranting about random companies and other little annoyances inbetween.

Edit: Forgot what year it was, thought it was still 2014.