Adding message to ng-repeat if array is empty

I have a search page where the results are filtered down in Angular. The only issue with this is, is that if you wanted to have "no results" message displayed or similar, you'd have to do the filter twice. This is not a good thing for performance.

The solution I found is here. The eventual code I used is:

<ul class="list-unstyled search-results">
    <li ng-repeat="employee in filteredEmployees = (vm.employees | search:vm.filter | orderBy:'points':true)">
    <span class="name"><a href="view/{{ }}">{{ }} - {{ }}</a></span>
        <span class="extra">{{ employee.employment_details.job_title }} | Ext: {{ employee.phone_extension }}</span>

<div ng-hide="filteredEmployees.length">
    <h3>No results</h3>

The filter is now only run once!